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1985 Mustang GT – Powered by 4.6 Dohc Cobra Engine!!!




This is basically where I started with this project

I bought a bare chassis from a friend who had started a project

some years earlier but didn’t complete.

 I moved over my parts from a tired and rusty 1985 GT and it was off to the body shop!



Here’s the first Engine prior to install

1985 HO with a few goodies…




I’ve run with this engine for a few years… Time to try something New:


and Here’s the new Engine…


1993 Mark 8 Engine

1998 Mark 8 Intake

1998 Cobra IMRC’s

Fuel Injection & Ignition by MegaSquirt

(Start-up Stand by Me!)



Click on Photo to see it Run!

Or Click here for Longer Video




Day 1 on Engine Swap:

(Jan 28, 2007)







Pulled Engine and Dropped out old K-Member




Upgrading to an AJE Tubular K-Member with Coil Over Conversion





Had to notch Center at the top a Bit                                                    Hydro Boost in Location




Removed Entire pedal assembly from Car                                     Relocated Brake Pedal Pin for alignment




After Engine Bay got a Freshen Up                                                                  HydroBoost Installed






Ok, here’s the plan:  Simply roll in under the car                                            Ok, Second attempt, after I Modified

               And….. nope, Engine too high & Car too High                                   Engine Craddle (lowered 4”) And Raised the Car 2”








Here’s the first Picture of the Engine in Location!!                                 And here after I dropped it back down & out




Here it is with the Engine Back in – Hopefully for Good!


** Updated…. March 19, 2007**




Here’s the completed Engine Bay                                        Here’s New Dash and Console Panel


Battery relocated to Driver Side – Tray bolted right in!

Upgraded to newer style windshield washer tank – Bolted right in!

Installed new Cobra Style Coolant Tank – Fabricated mounting brackets

Installed Cobra Electric Cooling Fan – Fabricated mounting brackets

Bent up custom IAC piping


New Gauges to Replace Factory Cluster


New Console Panel with

Voltmeter (to show Air/Fuel ratio)

LED to show IMRC’s open

LED to show Cooling Fan On

LED to show WideBand O2 Status

LED to show “Knock Sensed”





Here’s the new Megasquirt Computer – Located under Passenger Seat

New Relay Panel – Located in Passenger foot well




Car has been on the road for about a month now….  AWESOME!!!

Got about 1500kms on it now!!




Last Updated June 6th, 2007





My 427 Cobra Replica Page




Please feel free to write me with any comments or questions....



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